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Since St. John occasionally has power "outages" which can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, we have installed a large diesel powered generator which will automatically start in the event of a power outage. If operating on the power of the generator, the AC units are inoperable.

If your electricity goes out, and for some reason the generator does not activate, please do not run any water and call the property manager asap. The water is supplied electrically through a pump. Running faucets or flushing the toilet may cause the pump to lose its prime and the water pipe system to become air-locked. Please wait until power is restored before using the water.

Our on site waste system is far more susceptible to having issues than a public sanitary sewer system. In addition, we have installed water-saver toilets which make them too delicate to handle anything out of the ordinary. For that reason we ask that you do not flush any foreign objects or personal hygiene products down the toilets!

Although Mare Blu Villa is located such that it receives a steady ocean breeze, there may be times that you want to use the air conditioners at night in the bedroom to cool down a bit more. AC units are provided throughout the home. Although these are provided for your added comfort, we do ask that you conserve energy by turning the units off when you are not in the room or when the room has been sufficiently cooled. The air conditioners have been sized to bring down the temperature very quickly and the rooms will retain their coolness for some time after the unit is off. Although our AC units are some of the best, state of the art highest efficiency available today, unfortunately the cost of electricity in the Virgin Islands is 400% to 600% of the cost in the mainland U.S..

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